We currently support JSON and XML formats.
Specific Location
All locations use Primary as the default, which represents mid-mountain forecast conditions. Many locations may also have a Top and Base elevation forecast. Region forecasts, like West Yellowstone, also have North, South, East, West, Highest and Lowest elevation forecasts. If your location does not support specific locations, contact us and we can help you.
Specific Time Frame
We generate Day, AM and PM forecasts for every forecast location that we service.
Forecasted Days
We offer a Weather Forecast Feed, from 1 to 6 days in duration.
Unit of Measure
We generate all forecasts with the Imperial measurement system by default, but forecasts can be converted to Metric.
Forecast Data Points
Choose the specific forecast data points you want.
Weather Icon
High Tempurature
Low Tempurature
Hourly Tempurature**
Minimum Dewpoint Temperature
Maximum Dewpoint Temperature
Avg Dewpoint Temperature
Minimum Humidity
Maximum Humidity
Avg Humidity
Forecasted Snow
Snow Depth
Short Wind Description
Hourly Sustained Winds**
Hourly Gust Winds**
Hourly Freezing Levels**/***
Hourly Wet Bulb Temperatures**
Soil High Temperature*/**/***
Soil Low Tempurature*/**/***
Short Skies Description
Skies Description
Precip Description
Snow Description
Winds Description
Short Range Discussion*
* May not be available for all locations.
** Are only generated for Day forecasts.
*** Are only generated for Primary forecasts.
Current Conditions Data Points
Choose the specific current conditions data points you want.
Weather Icon
Barometric Pressure
Accumulated Precipitation
Snow Water Equivelent
New Snow
Snow Depth
Sky Conditions
Wind Direction
Sustained Winds
Gust Winds
Reporting Location
Reporting Elevation
Update Time
Current Conditions are gathered through various regional networks. Unfortunately, not every weather station provides complete data. To compensate for this, we use radius searches to fill in missing data points from nearby stations of approximately the same elevation. While this does help fill in the gaps, it does not gaurantee that every data point will be filled.
You must replace YOUR_CLIENT_ID and RECORD_ID with appropiate values.
YOUR_CLIENT_ID is your permission to access the feed and will be provided by Admin via email.
RECORD_ID is the ID of the resort or area you want a weather feed for. This ID can be looked up Here.